MD's Desk

"My strength is my people and they are my real assets."

Dear Friends,

At the outset, I would like to thank all my valued customers, friends and all my staff, who have contributed immensely to the development of ICL.

During the beginning years of our commencement, we have faced many hardships, but gradually with our sheer dedication and hard work, we have overcome all the hurdles and made a solid presence & place in the international market.

We all at ICL, shall strive hard and work together as a team, to perform to the best of our abilities and give the positive results in all our output.

Development, Manufacturing & Marketing of Consistent Quality of Indofix Dyestuffs has been and shall remain our Core Activity.

As a part of our Corporate Socio Responsibility (CSR), we strive hard to keep our environment clean and adhere to all the norms as laid by our Government to maintain the effluent treatments & solid waste disposal.

We have been constantly working to retain the competitive edge in Cost & Quality aspects of our products.

I strongly believe that “Teamwork can do wonders & Miracles don’t just happen, we work to make Miracles happen”

Its not what has been taken away from you that counts

its what you do with what is left that matters