HDPE Drums

Alongside chemicals, we are also involved in the manufacturing of HM-HDPE Barrels, Drums and Containers. Today Indo Colchem has covered major industries for packaging containers.

We are a leading manufacturer in various types of drums and barrels: L-Ring Drums, Rocket Drums, Narrow and Wide Mouthed Drums which are used for storage across industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, Agro & Chemical Industries.

Below list items are subtitles

L Ring Drums NP Type

Our L Ring Drums are heavy duty and manufactured from High molecular high density polythylene (HMHDPE) plastic and therefore are capable of heavy handling and storage.We manufacture a range of these drums in varying sizes, specifications and capacity (200, 210, 235 & 250 Litres).These L Ring Drums are robust in nature and can be used for storage and transportation of chemicals, food and beverages, adhesives and oils.

Rocket & Rocket Ribbed Drums

Our Rocket & Rocket Ribbed Drums with a storage capacity of 50 litres with vent caps for ease in operations and high drop impact strength allows these drums to be used for storage of chemicals, solvents, pigments, lubricants and agro products.

Narrow Mouth Drums

Our Narrow Drums are one of the most cost effective storage products and also offer durability, strength and safety and are considered superior to other products such as jerry cans.We manufacture Narrow Mouth Drums with a storage of 50 litres with a single opening and can be used for agrochemical storage, transportation and adhesives storage.

Wide Mouth Drums

We also manufacture a range of wide mouth drums with a storage capacity of 50 litres and a screw up cap for ease in operations and the wide mouth allows for ease in pouring or transferring liquids or solvents.Wide mouth drums are essentially used for storing liquid or semi-solid products, adhesives storage, food and beverages storage.